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domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011

Peru - Family pictures

Before posting the Ecuador entry of Guayaquil, some pictures from my dad's camera taken in Peru... (son las fotos de tu camara, papa):

My dad making friends:

The Sacred Valley of the Inkas from Pisaq:

With my dad behind some Inka wall:

Judith does not seem so impressed with such amount of food:

Drinking some chicha (corn liquour):

The "procesion" en Cuzco:

Enjoying at Saqsaywaman:

Walking down the stairs:

Enjoying the restaurant "A mi manera" in Cuzco:

We had a lot of fun at this short jungle walk:

Judith and myself with my dad:

Great pic!!:

While waiting for the mist to clear we took some more pics:

Wrong camera?:

Who photographs the photographer?:

Pirates of Machu Picchu:

My parents with Judith at Puno, Titikaka lake:

Eating roots at the Uros Islands:

The both of us at one of the Titikaka islands:

The men in this island are very specialized in textiles:

Nice view of the Arequipa Cathedral:

Talking about something with my dad, the place was great, the weather no:

My parents at the Parque del Amor:

And here at the center of Lima:

With my dad at the Ballestas Islands:

If the internet connection works properly, tomorrow I will post the Guayaquil entry...

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  1. Great to see you having a good time!

    Did you pick up some of the golden masks from the previous post? Just for researching purposes... :)

    Un abrazo