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lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2011

Lima and Paracas

After Judith left, spent a couple of days in Lima (visited Pachacamac) and went to Paracas to visit the Ballesta Islands (where my dad and I survived a seafood infection...):

Here my parents posing in front of the statue of Pizarro in Lima:

And here the three of us enjoying a coffee at the seaside:

My parents again at the Parque del Amor:

And here at the Pachacamac ruins:

The Acllawasi at Pachacamac:

From Lima took a bus to Paracas, here the beautiful coast line of the village:

The red coast with pelicans flying along it:

More pelicans flying (they look like pterodactils!):

The candelabro (a  1500 year old geogliph still standing at the sand dunes):

The Ballesta Islands, known as the poor man Galapagos:

Humboldt Penquins at the islands:

A pelican standing on top of a rock:

The guano that these birds leave is very valuable for Peru:

One of the "cave" formations at the rocks of the islands:

My dad tooking a picture of the sea-lyons:

A couple of birds at the islands...

Although we had seafood infection, we enjoyed the tour a lot!:

Sea-lyons lying at the shore:

Sea-lyon "singing" for the pelicans...:

Afterwards went to the Reserva Nacional Paracas, here the place where the Catedral Beach was, destroyed after the earthquake and tsunami of 2007:

My parents at one of the viewpoints, beautiful beaches:

A view of the red beach:

Plenty of skeletons of sea-hedgehogs and other shells:

The pelicans and the dog learn to live with each other at Playa Lagunillas:

A panoramic view of Yumaque Beach:

My parents leave today, and I am headed to Trujillo, where I will visit the ruins of the mighty city of Chan Chan...

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