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viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

Chachapoyas - Kuelap

Arrived to the quiet and nice city of Chachapoyas, and went straight to visit its highlight, the ancient Kuelap ruins...

View of the hostel Revash, where I stay, wonderful place...

An alternative view of the Plaza de Armas in Chachapoyas:

Panorama of the city:

The ruins of Macro, no the way to Kuelap:

At the religious site of Kuelap:

Impressive and deep walls are still standing:

Old carving:

Views of the outer walls:

Some of the stone decoration of the city still remains:

The thatched-roof house looks in theory like the originals, although the roof is too high:

The temple of the Sun, one of the few Inka structures at the place:

View from Kuelap of the Utcubamba valley:

I like Chachapoyas, so I will stay longer than planned here, let us see what comes...

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