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miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

Chachapoyas - Gocta Waterfall

Today went with three other guys to the Gocta Waterfalls, the 3rd higher in the world (over 700 meters high). Discovered to the world 4 years ago because the locals were afraid to go there (they thought a mermaid was protecting something sacred at the bottom of the fall. Won't make any comments on that...):

 View from far away of the Gocta Waterfall. The way to get there was also pretty nice, but tiring:

Standing in front of it at a viewpoint. Here one can still see both terraces:

 A panoramic view of the waterfall:

Me again, getting wet now:

 Another panoramic view:

 The waterfall drops onto a very beautiful valley:

A view from the bottom of the waterfall:

And here a video of it. Sorry for the poor sound, is not possible to understand what I say:

In two days will be going to Cajamarca, let's see what can be found there...

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