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sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2011

Cajamarca - Cumbe Mayo and Baños del Inca

Yesterday arrived to the nice Cajamarca and today went for a small tour to some nice rock formations which holded a 3000 year-old civilization with the most impressive hidraulic example of a pre-inca culture:

Panoramic view of Cajamarca:

View of the Cumbe Mayo site from the distance:

The rock formations look pretty cool:

Me standing in front of the rocks:

The "pirate":

And me again:

Here with (fron the left: Amy, Craig, Delphine, Martin), great people!!:

This bridge holds a canal which was built 3000 years ago!:

The length of the canal is over 20 km, reaching to Cajamarca:

The scientists have not yet deciphered the geogliphs:

And after that, went to Baños del Inca, the famous place where Atawallpa was resting when the Conquistadores arrived:

The painting remembers the ransom of gold and silver that the Inca promised the Spaniards, the biggest ever paid: 

 Another view of the hotsprings:

My shadow at the hotsprings:

Interesting flower they had everywhere there:

I will enjoy the city tomorrow and the day after, go to Chiclayo...

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