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viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

Central Mongolia

So, here a huge reportage of the tour around Central Mongolia...


Here a Panorama of Ulanbaatar:
 Our van stucked in the snow:
 Hugh and Me showing our cool boots!:
 A pic of myself sleeping inside the Geer (Krystoph's idea again):
 Jumping before the semi-Gobi:
 Camel Tour:
 The Khazhak family where we slept at:
 Before the huge statue of Ghenghis Khan!!
 A look at the van:
 Nice temple at Kharakhori:
 Brian and Neamh (hope I wrote your name correctly now Neeve):
 The coolest pic ever!
 Ready to ride:
 Smoking the peace pipe:
 Three man and a woman and a destiny:
 Eating at the van:
 Throwing the bones!:
 Thanks for the tour, Baska:
 True Love:
 The nice Kharakhori Temple:
 The house of the nomadic family:
 A vulture taking off:
 First stew we had in our tour:
 The plant called Gobi:
 Horse shepperd:
 This is exactly what you think it is, but they call it fallic statue:
 A geer from the inside:
 My moustache and my eyelashes are freezing:
 Locals going to the temple:
 Inside one of the palaces.
 Sunshine at the Kharakhori temple:
 The family at Kharakhori where we slept at:
 Neamh scared to death while driving offroad:
 The nomadic shepperd:

 Beautiful place to settle down during the winter:
 Outdoor picture with the nomadic family (Amba and Mama also there):
 Amba and Baska offered us some mongolian wrestling:
 On the road:
 The Buda of Ulanbaatar:
  The great statue of the Ghenghis Khan:
 Ready to ride again!!
A taste of local food:
 Panoramic view of the frozen Orkhon river (longest in Mongolia):

And now, some videos thanks to Hugh:
A panoramic view of the Nomadic Place:

Some Mongolian music performance:

And a stunning view from the Buddist monastery at the Tergelj national park:

The next entrance will be probably Ulanbaatar_2, and then... Peking!

sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011


So, now in Mongolia...

These are some pics of the train and in Mongolia as well:

Here some view from the train (latest part of Siberia):

This is the beautiful Timutlin (name of the fierce sister of Genghis Khan):
Food during the new year (lunar) celebration in Mongolia:
People with traditional suits:
Me in front of the Genghis Khan statue in Ulanbaatar:
Looking outside the city:
Evolution? (2):
Perros callejeros (street dogs):
The Gandantegchenling Monastery in Ulanbaatar:

Today we celebrated again the New Year, it's 2:00 in the morning, and I don't really remember the last hours...
Mama and her daughters (don't actually remember this picture...):
 The whole family:
 Brian, Neeve and Hugh (my irish mates!):
 Brian and Mama (I am sure Brian does not remember this!):

 Me with the head of the family?
 Hugh with some other big fish of the family:

Today, as you can imagine, was a relax day...
The Bogd Khaan Palace:

 And that one's for you Rob, Genghis beer!:

Tomorrow we go on a 4-day tour to Central Mongolia and the Mini-Gobi, will try to update pics on Friday...