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miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011

Titikaka Lake

After Cuzco went to the Titikaka, or Tikitaka (like my father says) Lake, and enjoyed a couple of days there...

Here, beautiful Judith sitting at a bench with the lake in the background:

My dad eating some root at the Uros Floating Islands:

A scaled figure of a floating island:

More pics of the floating islands:

My parents couldn't resist taking a ride around the island:

With my pirate look at the island:

The islands are pretty impressive:

On our arrival to the Amantani Island, where communities live like 100 years ago:

Judith ready to have a nice meal at the house where we stayed:

 A shepperd woman with her herd:

Waiting for the sunset at Amantani Island:

View from the Pachatata temple at Amantani island:


The next day went to Taquile Island, a little bit more developed:

Saint James Church:

My dad before enjoying his meal:

My parents with Judith under an arch:

 View of the Titikaka from the Taquile island:

And from here went to Arequipa, spent the day and from there to Lima. The next entry might be from Paracas and the Ballesta Islands...

viernes, 26 de agosto de 2011

Cuzco - Machu Picchu

The next day we drove to Aguas Calientes, also called Machu Picchu Town, did somw trek and visited the most impressive ruins left by the Inkas:

The Inka and the Colla (looks like they are having fun):

Took a small at the jungle close to Aguas Calientes:

Impressive granit stones deformed by water:

My mom enjoying the nature:

Followed the train track for a while:

The next day got up at 4 am to walk up the old Inka trail to the city of the mountains:

Made it to the top, but couldn't see much for a while:

Except the llamas:

The watchtower and the shadows of Wayna Picchu behind:

My parents amongst the clouds:

Walked to the Inka Bridge, amazing way, but too foggy:

Waiting and waiting...:

The fog seemed to start clearing:

And after some hours we were able to see the city!!:

So went down and enjoyed it!:

My parents were very impressed by everything!:

Walked everywhere:

Sitting next to the fountain of the Inka:

Under the temple of the sun is this strange room, not clear for what purpose:

Nice view of the city:

And now, some panoramas:

The mountains covered with fog on our way up:

Machu Picchu amongst the clouds:

I like this one specially:

Wayna Picchu was getting clearer:

Another view of the city:

And after this amazing tour, grabbed a bus and drove to the Titikaka lake...