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lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

Buenos Aires - River Plate vs. Belgrano

Today went to the football match!!! River lost the category for the first time in their history. As expected, the fans invaded the field before the match was even finished, the police used water, shot balls and launched gas to them. Cars on fire, stones throwned upon the cars of the players, battlefield on the streets. The group I was with was always safe. Here some impressions of the game:

 The interior of the hostel where I stay, Kaixo:

Poster of the game:

The Monumental Stadium, full before the beginnning of the match:

The atmosphere before the game started:

 The first goal, people got crazy:

River fails the penalty, hope is lost:

Police throwing water to the fans, River is on the Second League:

The police waiting for the fans at the Obelisk:

Historycal day today. Decided to stay one more day in Buenos Aires, so maybe there will be some photos before Iguazu...

domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

Buenos Aires - Por los Barrios

Spent the day walking around some of the most famous quarters in the city, La Boca, Centro and San Telmo:

In the painted streets of San Telmo:

The Obelisk in Centro:

Nice old house in San Telmo again:

The city of Tango, and the city of Football:

At La Bombonera (Boca Juniors):

Panoramic view of the stadium:

The streets in Barrio La Boca:

El Caminito, in La Boca:

I like this picture:

Graffitti in the wall, very typical:
And tomorrow...
 River fights for survival in the first league against Belgrano, and I AM GOING TO BE THERE!!!!

Puerto Madryn - Wrecked Ship Walk

Last day in Puerto Madryn went for a walk and took some nice pics of the city:

Panoramic view with the ship and the beach:

The harbor in Puerto Madryn art sunset:

Pink flamingos at the beach:

The ship in the background:

The sunset:

With Harry, the writer, at the hostel, great people!:

With Gaston, at Hi! Patagonia, pity I couldn't stay longer:

And now... Buenos Aires

miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011

Puerto Madryn - Austral Whales

I got a bike this morning and rode to a 17km away beach. This is what I found there!!:

Types of whales to be found:

From up, look how close the shore is!:

 All these pics are taken from the shore:

Tomorrow will try to see the sea elephants, let's hope I get lucky...

El Bolsón - Bosque Tallado

Last day in El Bolsón went to this nice forest which got burnt and some artists were invited to do some scultpture with the trees. It was a long walk to get there though...

Some parrots before going up, they are everywhere here:

At the forest:

El Bolsón is the "hopfen/lúpulo" city in Argentina:

Gustavo, the theater guy, thanks for the nice stories!:

And Claudio, having some mate at the hostel. Thanks for the nice conversations!:

View of the Bolsón area:

The Bosque Tallado is high up in the mountains:

And the next day I would find a nice surprise...

sábado, 18 de junio de 2011

Road to El Bolsón

One day trip to El Bolsón, in the Patagonia from Argentina, rode through some amazing places:

Incredible view of a lake near Bariloche full with the ashes of the Vulcan Puyahue. It is not sand, it's ashes covering everything!:

Birds flying away as we passed with the bus:

El Bolsón, view of the Piltriquitrón Peak:

Myself at the Mirador del Cerro:

Panoramic view of El Bolsón, sorrounded by mountains:

Schatzi, hier gibt auch Lapacho!:

Tomorrow will go to the "Bosque Tallado"...