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viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

Borneo - Bako National Park

From  Kuching we drove to Bako National Park, home of the funny proboscis monkeys, and spent two nights there... (wonderful)

Before leaving, we left the Lonely Planet travelguide where it belongs, the rubbish. (És conya, Uri, la vam deixar a l'hotel ;):

Bako beach:

My mum's tree:

Judith surviving in the rainforest:

David suffering the rainforest:

Green viper (right in front of us):

At Paku beach.

The proboscis monkey:

Our lodge (where I got stung by a bee):

Nice view:

Protected wild boars:

The solitary life of the macaque:

Nice rock formations:

Amazing butterfly (looked like a bat):

Weird tree formations:

The blue of the sea:

Lunar rock formations on top of the hill (Lintang trail):

Nepenthe Plant:

Langur monkeys:

Small macaques playing:

Such a beautiful spot:

Beautiful sunset:

Some pics of a night walk:

Blue gecko:


"Nice" spider:

And that was our stay at the Bako National Park, thanks a lot to Uri and Ming for their help, we had an amazing week guys!!

Next pics from Mayra the Dragon and her parents in KL!

martes, 26 de abril de 2011

Borneo - Kuching

So, we flew from Kuala Lumpur to Borneo Island. First the city of Kuching, where many things have happened so far...

The Kuching waterfront:

Posing in front of it, very hot weather!:

Our hotel, wonderful place in the middle of the city:

She said "Yes!!!", so it looks like sometime there will be an excuse for family and friends gathering in Germany!!:
Thanks so much to: MYRIAM, EDGARD, RIHANNEN and ORIOL, it was a great success guys, thanks!!

Delicious mussels and satay:

The future bride in front of the hotel:

Funny pic:

We are soooo happy!! :

The orang-utans in the nature reserve of Semenggoh:

The millipede:

Carnivorous plants:

And tomorrow we go to the Bako National Park, let's see what we find there...

domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

Kuala Lumpur

Made it to KL (almost missed the flight in Bangkok, thanks again, Uri!!), and met my Judith at the airport. Here some pics of our first days:

Merdeka Park general view:

Somewhere at the park.

With the little parrots:


Owl (not the one from Harry Potter):

Funny owls:

The park in the middle of the city:

The twin towers at night:

At a carnivorous-plant-fountain:

The arabic buildings from the park:

Walking totally integrated:

At the hibiscus garden:

Orchid's garden:

Judith at the Towers:

David at the Towers:

And the next entry will from... Borneo!!