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sábado, 29 de enero de 2011


So, finally made it to Krasnoyars, in the heart of Siberia, and the weather was great!!! Only -2 degrees, unbelievable.
First, let's see some pictures of the train...
My new drunk fried Alexei (Normalna, David, ty Normalna...): 
 So looks the 3rd class of the Transiberian train:
 Max, who invited me to salted fish and dark beer, very nice:
 Novosibirsk from the train:

And now, Krasnoyarsk...
 And the already typical pic of me at the hostel:
 Siberian house:
 Los lunes al Sol...
 The gates of the city:
 More Siberian Houses:
 Here I feel like at home:
 Kids sliding down the ice scultptures:
 Panoramic pic of the river Yenisey (it's not frozen!!!):

And today...

Trek in the snow... Stolbi National Park:
 Typical siberian forest:
That's a stolby, volcanic spiky rock formations (now covered with snow): 
 View of a great day in the Krasnoyarsk forest:
 The city from top:
 In the ski lift (it's actually a ski resort):
 Typical siberian motive:
 Siberian shaman:
 Real cosack ship:
 Bended trees in the siberian forest (panorama):

And tomorrow, train to Irkutsk (arriving day after)...

martes, 25 de enero de 2011


So, here go the pics after the first day in Ekaterinburg, finally in Asia, finally in Siberia, finally in the real Russia:

So, honoring the tradition, another pic of me at my hostel:
 And here eating a new recipe, spanish Salchichon with caviar:
 Typical Siberian house:
 The church of the blood, where the zar family Romanov are buried (amazingly impressive inside, pity that they don't allow to take pictures):
 Communistic sculpture:
 Ice sculpture (they are everywhere in the city):
 Fisherman at the frozen lake:
 The city hall (built up by German prisoners):
 Love locks again:
 Bridge with typical russian sculpture on the side:
 Sergius, that is for you, the only Beatle monument in Russia:
 Another syberian house:

And tomorrow will go to the original burial place of the Romanovs, and to the Swan Lake (Tchaikovski's ballet)...

On April 17th, 1917, the complete family of the Tzar was assassinated, and their bodies hidden in the forest outside Ekaterinburg. Many years later (late 90s), they were found, and Temples in Siberian style were built in their honor. This is Ganina Yama:

The Tzar Nicolai II and his family characterized as saints:

 Me inside an Iglu (if you zoom it you might even see me):

 This is how a Siberian monk looks like (zoom it):

And tomorrow, train to Krasnoyarsk (will arrive in two days). Then, let's see if I find a place where to sleep...

miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011


So, here the first round of pics from Moscow. It's colder than expected...

So, first a "friendly note" from a waitress (in the end I still felt robbed, payed 9 euro for 2 capuccinos... with 3 hours of internet and warm inside, but anyway):
The Mausoleum from Lenin (you can read the name in russian):
 Me, freezing, in front of St. Basil's Church:
 The Red Square:
 This time won't be sitting, but lying in bed at the hostel (good one, by the way)
 The temperature, it was 15:00 o'clock:
 Some statue before the entrance to the Red Square:
 A general view of the Kremlin and the St. Basil's church:
 And again, St. Basil's church:
 Inside the church:

 Ice sculptures in front of the church:

 Kremlin by night:
I am wearing already the Vaude gloves, the buff and I don't want to think about -30 degrees in Siberia...

Today I went to the Gorky Park (movie fan...) and to the Tetriakovsk Gallerie (the most important Russian Art museum in the world):
Me ready for the action:
 Churchs and rooftops:
 Huge statue of Peter the Great:
 People ice skating in Gorky Park (why nobody told me that walking in winter in Gorky Park is actually not advised!):
 Love locks crossing the Moscow River:
 Ducks looking for water at the frozen river:
 Painting at the Tretyakov Gallerie (they didn't allow pics...):
 The unknown soldier monument:
 Panorama of the Kremlin and the Moscow river:

And today, yes, finally, the Kremlin, and let's see what else...

The churches inside the Kremlin:
 The assumption cathedral (the best one):
 Nice rooftop:
 Alexander the Great's Bell (The biggest in the world):
 Small Panorama of the courtyard of the Kremlin with the churches:
 The change of watch!:
The Novodevichy Convent and Cementery:
 Rose in the rubbish:
 The real matrioshkas (made by the Novodevichy's nuns):
Novodevichy from outside (panorama):

 That's all for today folks!!

And today, Saturday in Moscow, just walking around:
 Schätzle, dass ist für unsere Kuhlschrank!!
 Pushkin's house:

 Izmaylovo Kremlin (it's actually a market):
 Matrioshki (Die sind auch für uns, Schatz):
 And, as a desert for today, a performance:

Next entry, minimum on Monday evening, let's see about the weather in Ekaterinburg...