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lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011


More beautiful than expected, just spent my last weekend walking down the streets and the seaside boardwalk...

I guess this is Atawallpa, the last Inka Emperor. The building is the library:

And that is a School Boat at the Malecon:

Myself in front of the boat:

Guayaquil is full of nice gardens with beautiful flowers:

This is the cerro de Santa Ana, with the lighthouse on top:

A house at the beautiful quarter of Las Peñas:

The church at the top of Cerro Santa Clara next to the sunset:

More nice gardens:

A very old tree somewhere at the malecón:

An arabic-style lighthouse at the malecón as well:

Nice panorama of the Guayas river:

Panorama of Guayaquil just at sunset:

And that was the last picture of this blog. I am leaving in some hours for Barcelona and after a few weeks for Germany. Thanks to all of you for your comments, I really felt I was never alone while reading them. This trip has been unforgettable and uncomparable. See you soon, I will contact you when I am ready!!

Así que esta es la última foto del blog. En unas horas tomo un avión para Barcelona y después de unas semanas para Alemania. Gracias a todos por los comentarios, realmente sentí que nunca estaba solo leyéndolos. Este viaje ha sido inolvidable e incomparable. Nos vemos pronto, llamaré cuando esté listo!!

So das ist das letzte Bild der Blog. In einige Stunde nehme ich ein Flugzeug nach Barcelona und nach ein Paar Wochen nach Deutschland. Vielen Dank an Alle für eure Kommentare, ich habe mich nie allein gefühlt als ich die gelessen habe. Diese Reise war unvergesslich und unvergleichwar. Wir sehen uns bald, ich melde mich wenn ich fertig bin!!

domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011

Peru - Family pictures

Before posting the Ecuador entry of Guayaquil, some pictures from my dad's camera taken in Peru... (son las fotos de tu camara, papa):

My dad making friends:

The Sacred Valley of the Inkas from Pisaq:

With my dad behind some Inka wall:

Judith does not seem so impressed with such amount of food:

Drinking some chicha (corn liquour):

The "procesion" en Cuzco:

Enjoying at Saqsaywaman:

Walking down the stairs:

Enjoying the restaurant "A mi manera" in Cuzco:

We had a lot of fun at this short jungle walk:

Judith and myself with my dad:

Great pic!!:

While waiting for the mist to clear we took some more pics:

Wrong camera?:

Who photographs the photographer?:

Pirates of Machu Picchu:

My parents with Judith at Puno, Titikaka lake:

Eating roots at the Uros Islands:

The both of us at one of the Titikaka islands:

The men in this island are very specialized in textiles:

Nice view of the Arequipa Cathedral:

Talking about something with my dad, the place was great, the weather no:

My parents at the Parque del Amor:

And here at the center of Lima:

With my dad at the Ballestas Islands:

If the internet connection works properly, tomorrow I will post the Guayaquil entry...

miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

Lambayeque - Museums

Yesterday and today paid a visit to the great local museums, the one of the Lord of Sipan and the Grüning Museum. Very interesting stuff:

This is a view of the Plaza de Armas from Chiclayo, the only rectangular one so far:

A park in Lambayeqe, with the pigeons:

Colonial house in Lambayeque, one of the few remaining:

The Plaza de Armas in Lambayeque. The kids in the background are doing an exam!:

The San Pedro Church:

The Museum of the Lord of Sipan. Unfortunately pictures inside were forbidden:

Reproduction of old Moche paintings:

The Decapitator God from the Moche:

These pics are from the Brüning museum, really cool stuff from mostly from the Moche culture:

Burial mask made of gold:

I had to be inventive to put myself in some pic!:

Gold everywhere:

The next figures are 5 cm .tall. Amazingly precised and detailed:
The Llampayeq figure:


Deer god:

Maybe a chaman with cat face?:

Some mummies at the museum:


Wow! That's a creepy one:

The cast they used for the cheramics:

Will spend a couple of days in quiet Lambayeque before heading up north to Ecuador...